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How to identify possible areas of development using Qulture.App?
How to identify possible areas of development using Qulture.App?
How to create your IDP (2nd article)
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To create your IDP, it is important to take into account the balance between the needs of the company and your needs as an individual.

With this mindset, we will discuss some practical ways that can guide the search for a relevant area of development for your IDP.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a rich source of possible areas of development. In this practice, we are usually evaluated on different issues, which are technical or behavioral competencies, values of the company culture and so on. From a results map, such as what can be extracted from the Your Results screen of Qulture.App, you can identify the issues in which you were evaluated in lower concepts. In the case below, it is clear that "Results" is the competence that has had the lowest evaluation:

Feedbacks and Insights

Another interesting way to identify possible areas of development is through Your Panel within the Qulture.App feedbacks and insights tool. In it, you can identify the values, skills and competencies in which you most receive feedback and insights with the Work on it tag.

See it below:

If you don't yet have a well-populated panel (you may have received as yet few insights from colleagues, leaders, and leaders) a good way to maximize the tool's potential is to ask for insights into building your IDP.

See the example below (effectively used here at Qulture.Rocks by team members):

The feedback provided very useful insights for the construction of the IDP from those who asked for it.

What do you think about asking for more feedback to help you with your Development Plan?

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