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How to set up a 'Goals Review' (Linked to the OKR's product)
How to set up a 'Goals Review' (Linked to the OKR's product)
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One of the possibilities at Qulture.Rocks is to conduct a review regarding the goals registered at the OKR's product. We'll show you how to in this article;

Before we begin, it is important to make clear that in order to follow this article, your company needs to have acquired both the OKRs and Reviews product.

How does goals reviews work at Qulture.Rocks?

The goals reviews linked to the OKR's product automatically creates a question reviewing an objective that is tied to an employee.

This objective related question works like a normal review's question, with its own scale and with the possibility of having comments and seting relationship visibility. The biggest advantage is that the platform sets the title of the question as the same title registered in the objective, and the question's description shows all the KR's (Key Results) and their progress or the general description of the objective.

When answering the questionS, the reviewer will be able to see all the information about the progress of the objective, serving as a base for the decision of which grading to choose.

Here is an example of what an OKR question would look like with visibility into the progress of the KRs:

Important Notes

Before we move on to the settings, there are a few points that are important to consider in both the OKRs product and the Reviews product.

OKR product:

  • In order for the employee to have goals related questions created in their review form, they must be either be the owner or a contributor of the OKR. Being a member at the owner team does not guarantee that the question will appear at the form;

  • Within the selected OKRs cycle, it will not be possible to delete a pre-existing objective;

  • Within the selected OKRs cycle, you will not be able to edit the weight of the objectives;

  • When we synchronize a Review with a cycle of OKRs in which the Approval Workflow is enabled with, we have the following cases that reflect in the review:

  1. Objectives with status Submitted Pending, Approval Pending, Review Pending are not synchronized, so they won't appear as questions in the review;

  2. Objectives with status Approved are synchronized, that is, these objectives will appear in the review questions.

Review Product:

  • You will not be able to delete the questions from the objectives. If a big mistake is made, you will need to create another Review Cycle. If you only need to delete one or a few OKRs or questions, contact us at the chat.

  • The question considers the performance of the objective (O) and the performance of the key results (KRs) appear as a description, as in the image above;

  • The weights of the questions are the same as the weights of the OKRs.

With this information clear, we can move on to the settings.

How to "sync" the review and the OKRs?

The set up is very simple! The first step is to enter the review cycle that will have thee OKRs related questions and go to the "Topics" tab. At the topics, click on the "Setup" button, which is below the "Setup OKRs questions" text at the top of the page.

After that, a new page will open where we will choose which cycles should be reviewed (there can be more than one), which grading scale should be used for these questions (the scale must be created in advance) and what will be the relationships visibility.

Next, we will choose what should appear in the question's description. By default, what the individual progress of each KR is shown, but it is also possible to show the description of the objective itself instead of this progress. To do this, simply select the "Use goal description in review" option.

With the settings finished, just click "Save".

Next we have a few more settings. The first one is about automatically updating the OKRs. With this option enabled, the KRs that have their progress updated will also be automatically updated in the evaluation.

After that, you can select if these questions will have comments and if the comments will be mandatory or not. After that, just click on "Save".

That's it, the review is already set up!

If you already have the participants created in the review, you will already be able to see the questions referring to the objectives in the 'OKRs' topic. Otherwise, questions will be created as the participants are added.


When synchronizing OKRs cycle in an assessment, is it possible to change the weights of the objectives ?

A: Only Admin and OKR Admin remain allowed to change the weight on OKRs and this is reflected in the assessment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the chat and we will help you!

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