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Feedback Campaigns: what are they and how to execute?
Feedback Campaigns: what are they and how to execute?
See how internal engagement campaigns work and adopt, definitely, the culture of Feedbacks in your company
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Recognition is an essential tool for building an amazing work culture. Even knowing this, many companies don't create recognition-rich environments. Once the need for change or adaptation is detected, it is positive to use tools that make this process more smooth, and even fun. In this scenario we come across internal engagement campaigns.

💪 What they are?

They configure a set of efforts, of fixed duration, made by employees with the intention of spreading a movement and achieving a final goal. In this case, the movement can be understood as the engagement in the Feedbacks product, while the final goal is the definitive adoption of the recognition culture and building an amazing culture.

🔨 Pillars for implementation

1) Training: Ensure that everyone involved is properly trained in the use of the product and is aware of its good usage practices. For this, we can count on these materials, and the help of the person responsible for the account (CSM/ISM).

2) Publicity: The promotion of a well-structured endomarketing to publicize the campaigns, consequent adoption and better use of them;

3) Communication: The realization of a post-campaign, that is, the moment when the results will be presented to the entire company or team, in the sense of raising awareness about the return value of all the efforts previously dedicated. For this, we count on the functionality of exporting product usability reports (more information here)

4) Adaptation: All campaign proposals should be adapted according to the needs, identity, and context of each company. Nothing should too rigid!

Do you feel interested in putting all of this into practice? We've prepared 12 ideas for Engagement Campaigns in the Feedback Product, for you to get this path started today 😍

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