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How to send information securely?
How to send information securely?
Have you ever emailed any spreadsheet with users' personal data? Have you ever thought it could leak?
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Information security is a priority for Qulture. We work with very important data for companies and users. Therefore, every time you share sensitive content, we suggest this method. With it, we reduce the chance of someone gaining undue access.

An example of what we want to avoid: if someone who is copying an email that contains sensitive data forgets to unlock the computer while going to get a coffee and a hacker opens the email and gets an api token, or a spreadsheet with all your company's user data. Can you imagine? This can be mitigated with the following method.

Bitbox Sending

  1. Put passwords or textual information into a text document

  2. Bundle the files you need to send in a zip

  3. Upload the file

  4. On the next screen, you will see a link and a password

  5. Send the generated link by the email you are chatting with

  6. Send the generated password by whatsapp or sms to your account manager or to the person who is serving you

Why is this method more secure?

Bitbox is developed by Tempest Security, a leading cybersecurity company in Brazil. It has very secure encryption, limits the number of downloads and the duration up to 3 days of availability and then destroys the files.

Furthermore, it separates access in two parts: if the hacker gains access to your computer, the chance that he will gain access to your phone at the same time is smaller.

What if I cannot use Bitbox in my company?

In this case, you can use your cloud file system and share the folder or file in a restricted manner with us and then delete it after a few days, to avoid the data being there indefinitely.

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