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The difference between an Objective and a Project
The difference between an Objective and a Project
This article will help you to understand the difference between objectives and projects, and decide which of then is better for your company
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The difference between OKRs (Objectives and Key-Results) and Projects, is basically in the way they are written and achieved.


They are effort-oriented. In other words, they are a set of efforts / deliverables that do not depend on indicators to measure their success. So, when we have a series of tasks to be accomplished with a certain cadence / sequence, we have a project. Generally, the deliverables that make up the project start written as "do, validate, deliver, perform, etc.".


Project: Implement a performance management software.

Deliverables: Map 5 suppliers; Validate proposal with the board.


OKRs (Objectives and Key-Results) depend on indicators / KPIs for their success to be proven. That is, they are not built in the "check list" style, but as a goal, with initial and final numerical value, objective and deadline.

The goals are more inspiring ("Having an incredible sales team") and the KRs are geared towards quantifying success ("Increase sales by 30% in the quarter").


Objective: To have an incredible sales team

Key result: Increase the amount of sales in the quarter by 30%


Another common question is the fact that, within the Key Results on the platform, we can include initiatives (which is written in the same way as a project deliverable). The difference between these deliverables is in their cadence. If the deliverables follow a logical sequence, we have a project. Otherwise, if their actions are specific, it is okay to be an initiative.

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